Looking for a church family?

A family that wants to know more about Jesus Christ and each other.

Trinity is that family!

What to Expect

Our services are different but the people are the same!

  • Modern Service

    • Location:   4008 S. College Rd. Wilmington, NC next to Cape Fear Academy
    • Time:   9:00am
    • Dress Code:   Come as you are! Casual and business casual is the norm. We love people  - not their clothes. 
    • Music:   Most of it is modern/Contemporary Christian, we do add some tradition hymns from time to time.  We use keyboards, drums and guitars. 
    • Children:   Yes they are loved and welcomed, we have children's time and nursery/Kidmo.
    • Worship:  Casual in atmosphere but serious in our love of God, we find it comfortable and inspirational, we serve communion the first Sunday of each month. 

  • Blended Service

    • Location: 1403 Market Street, Wilmington, NC next to New Hanover High School
    • Time: 11:00am
    • Dress Code: Come as you are! It varies from Casual to Suit and Tie. Quite honestly it is not that important – we are just glad to have you, please don’t let those suits scare you as they are just loving people. 
    • Music: Most of it is traditional accompanied by piano or organ. We do have a keyboard and we like a contemporary song mixed it. 
    • Children: They are loved and welcomed. We have children’s time as well as programs for those 2nd grade and under during worship. They will have fun and learn about faith.
    • Worship: The choir and minister wear robes. There is a feeling of formality with love and appreciation for the Lord. We find inspiration in our history and find motivation in the hope of our future. We serve communion the first Sunday of each month.